Grupo Radio Centro (GRC), one of Mexico’s largest broadcasters, last wednesday introduced Exitos KMVN-FM (93.9) in the Southern California Hispanic market. The Southern California region is home to the countrys’ largest

Latino population with an estimated 6.7 million people comprising more than 40 per cent of the local population.

"We see this as a great opportunity to enter the country's Number One Hispanic market with a proven formula of hit music that appeals directly to the musical tastes of this young, dynamic market," said Carlos Aguirre, GRC Chief Executive Officer. "This is the right time and the right place for GRC to become an active player in the important U.S. Spanish radio broadcasting industry."

Last week, Grupo Radio Centro selected Casanova & Pendrill as its Hispanic Advertising Agency. VPE Public Relations of South Pasadena does PR and Katz Clear Channel is responsible for national advertising sales.

For the second time in less than three months, a local English-language radio station switched to Spanish-language programming in the Southern California market. KMVN-FM (93.9). Emmis, which also owns popular hip-hop outlet KPWR-FM (105.9), said it had entered into a long-term agreement with Grupo Radio Centro under which the Mexican broadcaster will pay $7 million a year for up to seven years — with Grupo Radio Centro obligated to purchase the station outright for $110 million by the end of that period or find another buyer for it.

"The station is certainly improving its ratings, but is currently not profitable," Ryan Hornaday, a spokesman for Emmis Communications Corp., said Friday. "This is an opportunity to monetize the station and create additional liquidity."

Santa Monica

In January, Santa Monica-based Entravision Communications Corp. dropped the rock music format at low-rated Indie 103 (heard as a simulcast on both KDLD-FM in Santa Monica and KDLE-FM in Newport Beach) in favor of Spanish-language programming. 

…and Dallas

Last February 17, CBS Radio introduced hot adult contemporary en español in Dallas by flipping KMVK-FM 107.5 from English-language pop/R&B to “Mega.”

The KMVK flip comes amid rumors that format changes are on the way very soon at both CBS Radio/Los Angeles and CBS Radio/New York.

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