Twitter announced that they´re expanding the TV conversation Targeting feature for Spanish language TV shows in the United States.

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Last year Twitter launched its TV ad targeting feature in the U.S., which “lets marketers continue the story of their TV advertising on Twitter”. In November  Twitter launched its conversation Targeting” feature for the general US market. The ad solution works through Twitter´s conversation mapping technology, so networks and brands can promote Tweets to users who engage with specific shows, whether or not a brand is running a spot in the program.

Now, Twitter has announced that it is expanding the feature for the US Hispanic market, so networks and brands can connect with Twitter users who have engaged with specific Spanish-language television programs.
Together with the launch, Twitter has released a new study about Hispanic User Profiles in which 800 Hispanic Twitter users have answered the survey.


  • 71% of the Hispanic Twitter´s users consume media in a combination of languages. When it comes to Twitter, 43% of US Hispanics surveyed tweet in both English and Spanish.
  • 73%, of Hispanics say they like reading what others are saying on Twitter about the TV shows they’re watching.
  • 63% percent said they like to tweet their comments about what they see on TV,
  • 58% — tweet to vote or enter contests while watching programs.

And Brands?

The research shows Hispanic users are also engaging with brands. In fact, 81% of Hispanic users said that they follow at least one brand on Twitter.

Of those who follow brands, 60% have purchased something based on what they saw on Twitter. 73% of those who have retweeted a brand have made a purchase based on what they saw, and 66% of those who have tweeted at a brand, have made a purchase based on what they saw.


63% of Hispanic users said they search for hashtags from TV shows and ads to see what people are saying.


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