It’s been a tough month since Toyota's January 26th product recall announcement for the car maker and the marketing and media community. Of course, for the media this has also been an opportunity to capture additional advertising dollars. How has Hispanic media done? Chris Traina, a spokes person at Toyota’s Hispanic Advertising Agency in Conill Torrance, CA, tells Portada that “Thus far for this specific effort, we're concentrating on print and online in the Hispanic market. Over the past three years, Toyota has been at the forefront of connecting with people through a broad array of channels. We will continue to work with them to reach Latinos in the most creative and effective ways.”

According to Traina, “For consistency, we've adapted the tone and message from the general market efforts”. The general market campaign includes the following elements:

– A fully functional recall information hub on

– The site includes up to the minute consumer information about the recall  

Traina notes that print insertions have run in top Hispanic newspapers in the three largest Hispanic markets::  El Diario/La Prensa (ImpreMedia,New York), La Opinion (ImpreMedia, Los Angeles) and El Nuevo Herald (McClatchy, Miami)

In addition, Toyota has run online advertising banners driving consumers to recall information site According to Traina, “Toyota was among the first auto makers to recognize the importance of the Hispanic community in the U.S. Maintaining a dialog with consumers in this growing and influential market will remain a top priority.”

ImpreMedia has been one of the beneficiaries of Toyota recall advertising. Erich Linker, SVP of ImpreMedia, tells Portada that on the print side, we have been able to accommodate Toyota's messaging under very tight schedules.  Toyota can and in fact has decided to get a message out "today" and through our properties, that message is in the hands of consumers the following day. 

ImpreMedia pitched to Toyota a newly created Op Ed ad position in its Editorial pages across the nation which Toyota can utilize as an "open link to the community". “We hope they embrace it and use it”, Linker says.

“For Toyota the question is if they reaching the right people with their messaging? How are they also reaching Hispanics that are or will be in the market for a car? After all, once this situation is resolved, Toyota needs to get to the business of selling cars. Our research shows that ImpreMedia's audience is much more engaged and influential in the community than the average Hispanic or TV watchers. Our audience as a disproportionate amount of influence over people they interact with and are super connected.  Toyota can't afford not to communicate with these folks,”, ImpreMedia’s Linker says.


The Brand Loyalty Component

This in turns leads to important implications for brand loyalty. “The extent to which Toyota is able to come out of this with as little damage as possible to its reputation, will depend largely in making sure that Hispanic Toyota owners have a positive experience when fixing their vehicles. Equally as important will be Toyota's communication strategy for the overall Hispanic market including those who have a Toyota product in their consideration list,” Linker concludes.


Portada Staff

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