Ties that Bind: Terra and JumpTV Broaden Relationship

Terra Networks and JumpTV have announced that they are broadening their partnership by making 70 live channels available to Terra Networks in the U.S. Terra Latin America and JumpTV already have an agreement that delivers JumpTV’s programming to 17 Latin American countries.

The channels will be free to Terra’s users on an ad-supported basis. Ad-sales will be handled by Terra’s sales staff and revenue will be split by the companies.

Right now, about 20 channels are up and running at https://terramundo.us.terra.com.

The remaining 50 channels are set to be added shortly.

Advertising for the channels is being offered both as pre-roll video, and pre-roll synched with banner advertising. “Many advertisers prefer the banner ad synched with the pre-roll because it gives the user something to click on and interact with the advertising as opposed to just viewing the video,” Terra’s VP of sales Michelle Azan told Portada.