The Wall Street Journal Americaslaunched a redesigned Web site ( on July 1, which expands the content available in Spanish and brings a key resource for Latin American and Hispanic readers up to date with the other online platforms of the Journal.

The main goal of the site revamp is to bring a better experience for readers and increase the number of unique visitors and the depth of the visits. The amount of unique visitors to The Wall Street Journal Spanish-language website lies in the hundreds of thousands (compared to more than 14 million in the English-language edition).

“Mirroring the layout of but adjusted to the necessities of its readers, will operate as an independent, non-subscriber subsection of the main site. Stories will often link to content in English for bilingual visitors who want to read more”, Mauricio Pereira, Managing Director – Sales Latin America tells Portada.

The redesigned site features new sections, videos, slideshows and interactive graphics in Spanish, as well as the news, analysis and commentary about Latin America that have characterized the Americas print edition for the past 14 years.

The goal of the site is to be a key resource for the Spanish-speaking business community. This redesign allows the site to expand coverage and offer more stories and resources of interest for readers.

Online Advertising

Online advertising into The Wall Street Journal Americas website is sold by The Wall Street Journals own team and Punto Fox, which last year became’s Spanish and Portuguese-language online section exclusive third-party ad sales representative in the U.S.  Right now the website displays ads of US Advertisers who also want to have a presence in the Spanish-language market. In print the Wall Street Journal Americas is distributed with 18 leading partner Latin American newspapers (including Valor Economico in Brasil, La Nacion in Argentina and Reforma in Mexico). Many of those newspapers websites also carry The Wall Street Journal content.

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