The Millard Group Introduces its first Hispanic Invoice and Statement Program

Millard Group Inc introduced two Rodale Spanish-language book buyer insert programs. The Rodale Spanish book invoice program offers 145,000 annual insert opportunities into invoice mailings. It costs $66 million. Members of Rodale's Spanish-language book clubs receive these invoices on a periodical basis, says Anthony Dinino, account manager at the Millard Group, Peterborough, New Hampshire. Rodale Spanish book buyers are 75% female with a median age of 48, median income of $35,000 and a unit of sale of $21.95-$29.95.

Millard also introduced The Rodale Spanish book statements program. The program offers 528,000 annual insert opportunities into billing statements. It costs $61 million. These statements are sent to book buyers, these buyers are not necessarily club members.

Dinino notes that there are no commitments from advertisers yet and adds that the offer is particularly interesting to book clubs, cosmetic goods providers, fundraisers, magazine publishers, credit card offers, DVD offers and music clubs. Rodale also offers a book package insert program through the Millard Group.