Televisa Hires Page One Media as New Editorial Team at Hispanic Trends and Hispanic Magazine

As a result of their recent agreement, Page One Media has been contracted by Editorial Televisa to handle production, editorial and art for Hispanic Trends and Hispanic magazines' print and online editions as of the February 2006 issues. “We are basically replacing their existing editorial team,” explained Cathleen Ferrell, Editorial Director of Page One's Hispanic Division and Editor of Poder U.S. According to Ferrell, the agreement grew out of Page One Media's existing relationship with Editorial Televisa to co-produce Poder y Negocios in Mexico. Ferrell says that besides publishing Loft and Poder, Page One Media also wants to provide content for other media companies. The agreement with Editorial Televisa marks their first venture in this direction. Ferrell says the magazines are still owned by Televisa, and all business and advertising will be handled separately by Editorial Televisa. Editorial Televisa will not be involved in any of the business aspects of U.S. editions of Poder or Loft. Ferrell sees no conflict of interest by Page One producing content for Hispanic Trends and Hispanic, as well as Loft and Poder. “They are very different titles. There may be some cross over in terms of readership, but they're not in direct competition,” explained Ferrell.

As part of their mandate to “broaden the appeal” of Hispanic and Hispanic Trends, Page One will redesign both magazines. “We want to sharpen the focus and be a little bolder, without changing the DNA of the magazines.” Ferrell says that this will include adding new sections, or adding a new twist to existing sections. Adrian Saravia, Page One Media's Creative Director, will head up the redesign.