T-Mobile Rolls Out Digital Sponsorship of Univision’s ‘Eva Luna’

Visitors to the Eva Luna minisite on Univision.com who want to watch full episodes of the nightly telenovela, will be first greeted by a 30-second spot pitching T-Mobile as the network that gets families closer together. The spot, crafted by T-Mobile’s Hispanic shop Conill and produced exclusively around Eva Luna, features a woman talking to her daughter on the phone and telling her all about the day’s episode, hilariously recreating the plot, by acting and posing with several props, including a wig, a hair-dryer posing as a gun and a teddy bear as a fake baby. Spot ends with tagline: “Ahora las familias van a estar más juntas que nunca” (Now families will be closer than ever) and leads to the beginning of the day’s episode.

“We could have gone the way of a traditional integration, but we didn’t,” says Pablo Buffagni, Conill’s senior VP-chief creative officer, about the Eva Luna integration.

The spot is only the first of a series of integrations and offerings that will roll within the next few weeks, including offering exclusive Eva Luna content to T-Mobile subscribers, who will be able to watch full episodes on their handsets, as well as extended scenes, behind the scenes and the best of the telenovela.

Though this is not the first time T-Mobile integrates its brand in a Spanish-language telenovela (it did so with Telemundo’s Más sabe el Diablo and El Clon) it is the first time it buys into a Univision telenovela. It is also the latest in a string of Hispanic-targeted efforts taken by T-Mobile, an increasingly aggressive player in the U.S. Hispanic market and one of the companies named in the Best-In-Class category by AHAA, for allocating more than 11.8 percent of its advertising budget to Hispanic media.

Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile’s parent company, is among the top 20 advertisers on Hispanic media, with $54,1 million spent on 2009 (or 2.9% more than the previous year) according to Advertising Age’s 2010 Hispanic fact pack.