Kohl’s leads Social Conversation on Black Friday, Amazon on Cyber Monday

A Social Intelligence Report from research company Oye! for Spanish Broadcasting Systems (SBS) has interesting insights about Hispanic Social Media Conversations and retailers over the Thanksgiving weekend. Plus what langauge they used and in what parts of the U.S. was the social conversation among Hispanics the most intense.

Kohl’s leads Hispanic Social Conversation on Black Friday, Amazon on Cyber Monday

kohl´sConversation among US Hispanics for Black Friday  was led by Kohl’s while Amazon led Cyber Monday conversation. Kohl’s conversation was overwhelmingly positive, at a higher proportion than was that for Amazon.

Language Choice: Mostly English

Tin Can Phone Spanish and English ConversationBased on the data collected and analyzed, Hispanics tend to talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday in English. Spanish conversation was led by Walmart with mentions of their long lines before opening on Black Friday. On Cyber Monday Bilingual language was led by Amazon, where users discussed the website in Spanish and ended it with the hashtag #CyberMonday.

Geolocation and Sentiment

  • Conversation among US Hispanics for Black Friday and Cyber Monday had the largest volumes of conversation on the west coast in southern California while also being spread out through the state of Florida. Puerto Rico dominated Black Friday conversation while Cyber Monday conversations were heaviest in Los Angeles and New York City.
  • Kohl’s and Amazon led share of voice and the industry sentiment analysis shows an opportunity to convert neutral sentiment into a positive during next year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday period. Other Insights:
  • Only a small percentage of negative comments existed, mostly regarding  websites crashing or a slow online check-out process.
  • Positive sentiment was driven by Victoria’s Secret for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday among Hispanics.

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