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• INOBTR-Heinrich Hispanidad

INOBTR, a partnership between government and citizens to promote awareness and educate children, parents and teachers, to reduce the chance of children becoming victims of Internet crimes has hired Heinrich Hispanidad for a national public service campaign about child sex abuse. The campaign will be partly financed through a PSA paid media budget. Heinrich is in the process of developing creatives. The campaign is expected to start in the fall. Media that will be used included TV, radio, print and out of home. INOBTR  stands for  “I know better”.

• Portland Metro Government

The Portland Metro Government’s green campaign  just rolled out the first wave of out of home, radio, print, event marketing and social marketing in the Portland metro area. The campaign is in Spanish and targets Spanish – dominant Hispanics in the Portland area.
Katie Edllin, Program Manager Portland Metro Government, Oregon has worked in conjunction with Heinrich Hispanidad to develop the campaign.

• Endo Pharmaceuticals
Endo Pharmaceuticals is undertaking a print and digital media campaign in the Houston area for their shingles medication. The campaign started in June and finishes in August. Digital creative has been created in a way that they can list all the legal disclaimers in a small space.

• Modelo especial – Sports Illustrated

Modelo Especial is teaming up with Sports Illustrated an international soccer star Clint Dempsey to give five soccer fans a ”trip of a lifetime.”

• McCormick

McCormick will invest in the third quarter of 2011 at least $6 million of incremental marketing which includes an emphasis on brand value, a U.S. campaign behind Hispanic products and advertising for the Zatarain’s brand. The company last week held its Q2 2011 financial analyst call.  Joyce Brooks, VP Investor Relations for McCormick said that during the quarter, McCormick launched a major new marketing campaign for Hispanic consumers in the U.S., the largest to date. “This integrated program includes an Asando Sabroso tour, which means grilling with flavor in Spanish, with 26 planned stops featuring product samples, flavor ideas and donations as part of a program to establish scholarships for Latino students. The campaign also includes television advertising on Hispanic networks, regional radio ads and in-store displays and recipes. We've launched the Spanish language website that encourages exploration of new flavors and recipe sharing. This is an important initiative that in the second quarter helped drive double-digit sales growth of our Hispanic products in the U.S. and that we will continue to run in the second half of 2011.”

• Nascar

After 48 focus groups, 110 hours of fan interviews and 223 interviews with industry players – including some members of the media – conducted by seven different research companies, NASCAR believes it now has a complete picture of how the sport is viewed. Regarding its multicultural potential audience, the report shows that groups such as Hispanics might be might be willing to try NASCAR, but are waiting for an invitation and don't feel welcome. NASCAR will develop a dedicated, consistent outreach to minority communities, create more Spanish-language content about the sport and more support for the Drive For Diversity program. In an era when the country is trending toward single-parent families, studies showed that Hispanics, for example, do more things as a community/family than other demographic groups. NASCAR would like them to bring the whole family to the races.

• Dell

Dell has launched a new laptop computer with its operating system and keyboard in Spanish, an option introduced to satisfy the demand among the growing Hispanic market, especially adults. "The computers with the operating system and keyboard in Spanish are being bought by Hispanic customers who for the first time are going to have a computer at home," Jose Tovar, the supervisor of the computer sales department in the Los Angeles outlet of department store chain La Curacao, told Efe. "For people who don't speak English and who have never used a computer, it's going to be a little more difficult to learn to use one in English. However, with this Dell Inspiron S2800 computer it makes it easier to navigate with the programs in Spanish," he added. The Dell Inspiron IM5030/S2800 is being sold exclusively in La Curacao's 8 stores in California and one in Phoenix.


The US Postal Service is conducting a review of its marketing agencies, the government agency said on June 30. USPS spokesperson Patricia Licata said that the review also includes multicultural marketing for the African-American, Hispanic and Asian markets.

• City of Pensacola

Seventeen marketing agencies from across the country want a contract with the City of Pensacola, FL, to provide marketing and advertising services, the Pensacola News Journal, reports. The firms met last week's deadline to submit a proposal for what is expected to be a broad-based, three-year contract to market the city to residents, potential residents and visitors.The contract includes providing marketing and advertising services to help increase passenger traffic at the city's airport, add natural gas customers for the city-owned Energy Services of Pensacola, market the Port of Pensacola, and assist all city departments with general advertising. Bidding agencies include The Zimmerman Agency, which has teamead up with a local agency and  Miami based Hispanic ad agency  MGSCOMM, which stands for Machado Garcia-Serra Communications, is Miami based.

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