Research: Two New Studies on Readers/Users Interaction with Digital and Print Media

  • Televisa Publishing + Digital and BIGresearch announced the results of its digital study with and its other digital properties. The primary objective of this study was to analyze its user habits and interaction with the site, while providing updated demographic and consumer behavior as a result of the site’s redesign. The study was conducted with US Hispanic visitors only.

Respondents were recruited from all channel sites within Esmas as well as email blasts that were sent to Esmas users. Surveys were anonymous, self-administered and free of interviewer bias. The results and analysis included 1,325 completed responses between September 2008 and February 2009.

The study confirmed that content is the number one reason that motivates Esmas users to be on the site. This in turn leads to a higher than average time spent on the site and engagement. Esmas users are loyal, as almost two thirds visit the site at least once a day and spend on average 32 minutes on the site. Esmas users navigate the entire site, as all channels ranging from women to autos are visited, with news and entertainment being the most visited channels.

“Through our SIMM studies, we have found that Hispanics are hungry for online content, more so than Non-Hispanics,” said Phil Rist, EVP, Strategy of BIGresearch. “So it is no surprise that Esmas users are loyal and engaged, especially since Esmas is a content based site.”

Esmas also delivers an attractive audience for advertisers. Advertising on Esmas influences over half of its users to make purchasing decisions, with electronics and apparel being the top categories. Esmas users spend a large amount of money on a number of different categories making them powerful consumers. Travel and technology are the top categories Esmas users spend the most money on. Other consumer categories measured in the study that were important for Esmas users were autos, fashion, and beauty.

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  • Alloy Access, the multicultural and urban marketing division of Alloy Media + Marketing, announced results from its recent Hispanic Newspaper Audience study, conducted in partnership with Excend Consulting Services. The report provides  valuable data indicating that while mainstream and national newspaper readerships continue to suffer declines, Hispanic newspapers reign as a top media choice among today's large and growing Hispanic population.

The report also offers revealing data defining behaviors across distinct Hispanic consumer segments. Of particular interest, young and educated consumers known for their high usage of current digital mediums, report continued readership and considerable engagement with the Hispanic print medium. Significantly, more than half (57%) of respondents who read their Hispanic newspaper are under the age of 35. Among both younger consumers and their elder counterparts, the Hispanic newspaper proves to be a preferred source for both news and entertainment, as well as a valuable source for advertising information and promotional offers.

The study surveyed over 1,000 respondents in the top five states measured for Hispanic population. Demographic breakdown of respondents included the following segments: (18-24), (25-34), (35 -54) and (55 and older).

"The Hispanic community is thriving and proving their weight as a segment of influential consumers, with an estimated $951 billion in spending power. A population gaining in size and embracing both traditional and progressive media, this study offers an important view into Hispanic consumer's use of the traditional print medium and its continuing importance," commented Greg Anthony, SVP, Alloy Access. "The study reveals the strong connection Hispanic newspapers maintain with readers and offers useful information for groups looking to reach this community across platforms that are relevant to their lives and to the close circles of friends and family they keep."

News and Entertainment, Main Content drivers

The survey shows that Hispanic newspapers are clearly an integral part of the Hispanic population's daily activity. Overall, a considerable 82% of those surveyed read Hispanic publications and in fact, the same number of readers report sharing their copy with at least one other person. Over one-quarter (26%) of readers share their paper with at least four others. 

Hispanic consumers are frequent readers of Hispanic publications. Seventy-four percent (74%) of Hispanic newspaper readers have read three or more of the last five issues. And, they are a loyal group. More than half (53%) have been reading their favorite Hispanic newspaper for three or more years.

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Hulu, MySpace. All common hubs for today's mobile and digitally connected youth consumers, but young Hispanic consumers continue to show strong affinity for their Hispanic newspaper and look to it as an important source for news, entertainment and product information.

The study also showed that the 18-24 year old segment favor the politics and entertainment sections higher than the other segments reporting. Overall, the business section appears to be the most favored.


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