Google sites are leading the pack in the most important digital markets in Latin America.  According to the latest August figures from comScore, Google's digital properties are at the top of the ranking in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, with about 94% penetration among the digital population.

Google’s set of sites in Brazil reached just over 46.5 million unique visitors out of a total market of almost 49.5 million, resulting in a very high penetration rate of 94.2%.  In the Argentine market, the company's sites had a penetration rate of 95.6%, reaching a total of 12.5 million unique visitors out of a market of just over 13 million.  Google’s penetration rate in Mexico was similar at 93. 8%, reaching 22.2 million unique visitors out of a total market of 23.6 million.

Interestingly, the Brazilian digital marketplace provides more variations in the positioning of the leading companies in comparison with Mexico and Argentina, where they have similar rankings. Microsoft's properties in Mexico and Argentina are second to Google’s, with a penetration rate of about 93%. In Brazil, UOL is second to Google with a penetration rate of about 92%, while Microsoft placed third, two spots behind its ranking in Argentina and Mexico.

Similarly highlighting the differences between Spanish-speaking markets and the Brazilian market, Terra takes fourth place in the ranking of Brazilian digital properties, followed by the Globo group in fifth, which is present only in this market.  In Mexico and Argentina, Terra rounds tenth place in the rankings.

The explosion in the use of social networks in Latin America is reflected in the comScore numbers. In Argentina and Mexico, Facebook ranks third in the rankings with a penetration of 90.5% and almost 12 million unique visitors in Argentina; while in Mexico, it has a penetration rate of 82.9% and just over 19.5 million unique visitors.

Brazil is the only Latin American market where Facebook does not lead the social network rankings.  Although Orkut is growing rapidly, Google's social network is the market leader in that country.  Facebook only recently appears in eighth place in the Brazil rankings.

Also noteworthy are the positions achieved in Argentina by local groups Clarín and site, which placed fifth and sixth respectively, after Yahoo’s sites.


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