QuePasa Rolls Out 24 Hour Streaming Video

QuePasa has been working overtime recently on beefing up its content offerings. It recently signed a deal with iboxTV out of Miami to present 24-hour streaming video on its homepage, under the title QuePasa TV en Vivo. “The new channel will offer continuous concerts, sports, and Latin American news coverage in high resolution,” says Que Pasa's Eric Rayman in an interview with Portada.

Additionally, responding to what it sees as market demand for increasingly diverse content options, QuePasa has announced that it is introducing four new channels devoted to:  

1)      Sports: Content to come from AP and Agencia Efe

2)      Health & Fitness: Will include info on basic health/ access to a dietician/ ask a trainer forum

3)      Lottery & Horoscopes: Will include gaming data for U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, U.K. Future plans include lotto info for Columbia, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Argentina.

4)      CNN en Español: Video Content

All told, the site now offers over 40 content channels. QuePasa recently reached the milestone of its one-millionth registered user. Its new agency is San Antonio-based Guerra DeBerry Coody.