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Portada®: QuePasa's website spans a lot of territory. What do you see as QuePasa's core mission?
Eric Rayman: Quepasa is dedicated to entertaining its members, enriching their lives and empowering them. Quepasa is an exciting and active community site. Our members spend a tremendous amount of time on the site every day communicating with their friends and seeking out information and entertainment. Our mission is to make their visits to our site rewarding.

P: In what direction do you plan to take QuePasa moving forward?
ER: We're improving the community user experience and adding new content. As you probably know, in recent months we redesigned the look of the site. We are in the process of adding new and compelling content for our members and improving the navigation of the site. We have just launched our ring tones business and we are launching our first e-telenovela, “Alamo Heights,” later this month.

P: What was behind the choice of Pan-American Media to represent QuePasa in the Southeastern USA and South America?
ER: Pan American Media Group's sole focus is to provide solutions to the media needs of companies like ours. Pan Am offers us a full range of advertising experience to help us make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising process and to maximize our advertisers' ROI. Our commitment is to provide advertisers with insights that help in the development, evaluation, and improvement of their advertising efforts and ultimately, help them build stronger brand recognition. Pan Am will enable us to do that.

P:What are the hot emerging ad-categories as you see them?
ER: There's a wide range of products that appeal to our users, but entertainment offerings, new technology products, fashion/beauty/style products and automotive products will be among the hottest.

P: Do you do banner advertising as well as paid search?
ER: Absolutely, in fact, paid search is a much smaller part of our business than it once was. We primarily sell ad banners now, as well as offering sponsored content areas, video and radio pre-rolls, geo-targeted e-newsletters and custom-designed products.

P: Do you have any new channels planned?
Yes, stay tuned. We are launching our first e-telenovela this month. “Alamo Heights” will run for four months on the site. We will release a new 7-minute episode every day during this period. We will be launching new video products regularly after this one.

P: What are some of the new developments with Quepasa Market Intelligence?
ER:We're having increased interest in the QMI, particularly among consumer products and political circles, as a way to get real time access to real time data.

P: What sort of developments in the mobile content market are taking place?
The ring tone business is extremely important to us and Quepasa will be rolling out several new products pertaining to this space over the next few months.


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