Press Release Distributor Buys Hispanic Digital Network

The purchase of Hispanic Digital Network (along with sister companies Hispanic PR Wire and LatinClips) by PR Newswire is somewhat surprising as it combines a PR company and a Hispanic online advertising network.

Portada talked to Bill Gato, president and Founder of Hispanic Digital Network about the rationale of the deal. “PR Newswire's acquisition of Hispanic Digital Network will give us the resources needed to expand HDN to include more media outlets,” Gato told Portada.

HDN will expand its partner websites beyond Hispanic newspaper publishers to other sites, like radio and TV websites.

Gato adds that the combination with PR Newswire will give HDN “the resources and the content needed to create a true multimedia Hispanic Digital Network. PR Newswire's multimedia and broadcast PR company, MultiVu, distributes dozens of multimedia news releases each week that include video and audio clips as well as photos and other multimedia assets.  These will make for terrific content for the Hispanic Digital Network and we look forward to integrating them in the near future.”

With PR Newswire’s greater multimedia content and resources, HDN’s websites will attract a larger and more engaged online audience of educated, upwardly mobile, Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics, says Gato. “And that, in turn, will be highly appealing to online advertisers seeking to reach these Hispanic audiences.”
He also views the PR Newswire deal as advantageous to HDN’s partners. “With PR Newswire’s operational and sales resources, HDN’s publisher partners can expect improved website designs, greater Web 2.0 functionality, increased advertising sales, and more convenient tech support and payment systems in the months ahead.”

In addition, HDN provides PR Newswire an additional distribution platform. As PR Newswire’s VP of Public Relations Rachel Meranus says, “With Hispanic Digital Network we will be able to give these new Hispanic Multimedia News Releases the visibility they deserve among highly targeted Hispanic media and consumers.”