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Join Forces with Top Brands at Portada Live, NYC, Sept, 19, 2024!

Prepare for #PortadaLat with Speaker Interviews: Pepsi, MasterCard, Latam Airlines, Trivago, Visa…

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking to #PortadaLat top speakers about key points in their industries, including marketing strategies, and innovative trends. Check out all of our interviews here!


More than 50 speakers will take the stage next Wednesday and Thursday (June 7-8) in Miami at PortadaLat. The #PortadaLat agenda has been uniquely curated to provide marketing, media and tech executives with the tools and insights needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced market. We have interviewed some of PortadaLat Top Speakers. They are leading executives from MasterCard, Trivago, Visa, Pepsi, LatAm Airlines and Havas Media. Check out what some #PortadaLat speakers have to say and get ready to get to know them in person!

MasterCard’s Patricio Rubalcaba: “LatAm has a Higher Penetration of Smartphones than Credit Cards”

Rubalcaba provided detailed and in-depth answers to our questions about the development of the Latin American e-commerce and payment sectors.




Victor Lopez, Head of Digital at Havas, on the Panregional Market, Video and More.., 

Victor Lopez, Head of digital media at Havas, says that he is sensing “more optimism around panregional marketing this year.” Lopez also tells us that social and video have come to the forefront and shares his latest experience on their use in marketing efforts.

Trivago’s Jon Eichelberger: “We have to Make a Good Job Impressing Travelers as Switching Costs are very Low”

We talked to Jon Eichelberger, Regional Head, Americas Trivago, in this pre-event interview about the very competitive travel market, particularly as it relates to Spanish-speaking audiences throughout the Americas.

Andres Polo to Present Visa’s New Sports Marketing Strategy at PortadaLat

Andres Polo, VP Digital Marketing at Visa for Latin America, will provide a presentation on how Visa targets the Latin American Millennial consumer through sports content.

PepsiCo’s Ricardo Arias-Nath: “I Constantly See Proofs that a Good Narrative Can Make a Pale Story Colorful.”

Pepsico’s Latin America Beverages Chief Marketing Officer Ricardo Arias Nath will speak about “How Innovation shapes PepsiCo’s Latin American marketing strategy.” We interviewed Arias Nath who answered several questions about PepsiCo’s approach to Latin American marketing.

Pablo Chiozza of Latam Airlines: “Our New Low-Cost Strategy Will Translate into Fare Decreases of Up to 40%”

Portada interviewed Chiozza to ask him about Latam’s new low-cost strategy, the use of marketing tech to acquire new customers and more.

#PortadaLat is next week! Registration: We have added new Ticket Types to Meet Your Needs!

GENERAL PASS: Attend the overall PortadaLat event on June 7 and June 8. All sessions, keynotes, networking, food and beverage included! (US$549)
VIP ATTENDEE: Meet up to 5 high-level brand, agency or media executives of your choice attending or speaking PortadaLat. These 10 minute meetings will take place in a separate room during the first and second day of PortadaLat and are designed to help you build valuable relationships. General Pass offering is included. (US $ 1,999).
The first day of PortadaLat will focus on how technological innovation is impacting key segments of business and marketing with emphasis on Travel and Sports. All sessions, keynotes and marketing-tech showcases are included as well as light food, sandwiches and beverages. (US $199)
The second day at PortadaLat will celebrate Brand Innovation and showcase how leading companies are boosting brand equity and increasing their relevance in a disruptive environment in Latin America and the U.S. Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Reception Food and Beverages included. (US$ 449!)
Secure your spot and start the PortadaLat journey!


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