A highly engaged audience of more than 350 major marketers, agency and media executives convened yesterday for the initial day of Portada’s 2012  Latam Summit, which is taking place June 6th and 7th in Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel under the theme “From Rio to Madrid via Buenos Aires: Leveraging Technology to reach Global Latin Audiences”.

Two thirds of Diageo’s growth comes from Latin America, Tania Cesar, Marketing Director Diageo Brazil told Portada. Jose Carlos de Mier, Media and Brand Innovation Manager at Audi noted that Latin America is the most important growth market for the German car brand after China. “Latin America is ours for the taking”, Luis Ortuzar, Panregional Marketing Director at Christian Dior added.

The session Country Focus Colombia included two interesting presentations on the rapidly expanding Colombian advertising and media market.  Martha Krawczy, VP Marketing Visa, explained the reasons for Visa’s recent opening of a Colombia office including a high economic growth rate, rapidly expanding e-commerce business and low inflation rates. Carlos Penaherrera, Marketing Director Colombia of Coca Cola Company, explained how over the last 6 years advertising by major corporations has increased exponentially in Colombia. This is particularly the case in the beverage category

Carlos Penaherrera, Marketing Director, Coca Cola Colombia

In a panel on Luxury Goods and Services Advertising, moderated by Sergio Carrera, Director General USA & Puerto Rico of Televisa Publishing. Panelists Tania Cesar, Rudolf Lang, Managing Director at Chopard Marketing Services, Luis Ortuzar and Carlos Otero, Business Development Director at Euromonitor emphasized the importance of social media for consumers to tell their own story of a luxury goods brand. Diageo’s Cesar said the strategy is to “influence”  bloggers and consumers, “not to control them”.

Luxury Goods Panel

Audi’s Jose Carlos de Mier noted that “Technology has not solved all the questions yet”, implying that off-line media should continue to have a significant place in advertising media mixes.

Attendees of the 2012 Latam Summit  include CMO’s of major U.S companies, including Ann Davids, Senior Vice President – Marketing & Advertising and Chief Marketing Officer of Rent-A-Center.


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