Online Ad-Networks – ICTMN introduces Multicultural Network

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Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTMN), a company owned by the native American Oneida Nation is introducing a new multicultural ad network called claims it has unlimited access to targeted impressions with multicultural consumers, whether for a single segment or a diverse range of targets across the cultural spectrum.  “Whether you need to reach 18-24 African-American trendsetters in key urban areas, or Spanish-preferring Latina moms in the Southwest, the MyDreamcatcher Ad Network finds them where they are most engaged and in contextually relevant categories,” a press release published by ICTMN states.  

"Our Ad Network is unique in that we offer unlimited multicultural reach, combined with an agile, proactive team that constantly finds ways to optimize our clients' online buys," says Suzanne Sobel, Managing Director of MyDreamCatcher. "We support all high-impact ad formats including video and other rich media. And even more important: unlike many of the VC-funded players in this space, we are fully backed by the Oneida Nation. We will be around to partner with our clients for years to come."

Personal Portals
To complement the Ad Network's delivery of targeted audience segments based on demographics and passion points, MyDreamCatcher has launched a personal portal. The portal gives online enthusiasts a unique, customized page where they can enjoy all their favorite sites, blogs and social media feeds, in one place, in English or in Spanish. The soon to be launched spanish-language personal portal is called