Aqua Media Direct, an online display media company that specializes in connecting advertisers to their target audiences introduced a Hispanic Media Channel of websites for the company's transparent Aqua Premium product.

An increasing amount of companies are building Hispanic Online Ad networks (e.g. Batanga, CPX Interactive, and Terra).

During the month of August, Aqua Media Direct signed National Sales Representation agreements with 105 Hispanic web sites including, and

These websites run the gamut of interests and services from parenting, education, and business, to technology, entertainment, and daily news stories.

The Hispanic Media Channel has 10,128,761 US monthly impressions and 2,150,829 US monthly unique visitors. The Hispanic Media Channel sites are transparent and all linked to the company's new Aqua Premium ad server.

"We're introducing our Hispanic Media Channel because this audience is a growing economic force in the US and many of our advertisers have requested this channel," says Aqua Media Direct CEO, Tom Doyle, adding, "that it is a high value audience, it fits Aqua's criteria for selecting premium channels."

Aqua Premium is a fully transparent collection of 1,716 sites available to advertisers by channel and employs a modern and sophisticated ad server that can serve any type of rich media and is open to site participation by invitation only.

The company has introduced ten new media channels for the Aqua Premium product in the last seven months, including Teens, Travel, Women, Men, and Young Adults, Pets, Sports, Auto, Green, Music & Hispanic.

The company has a trio of distinctive products: True Site Representation – 200 major client websites with endemic audiences and customizable features; Aqua Premium – 1,716 websites featuring full transparency and available by channel (includes Teens, Travel, Men, Women, Young Adults, Pets, Sports, Auto, Green, Music & Hispanic); and Aqua Performance – has 1000's of websites classified by content and features a robust ad server that drives user responses and ROI.

Aqua Media Direct, Inc. is based in Los Angeles with offices in San Francisco, New York, and New Jersey.


The Rise of Online Ad Networks

More than ever Advertisers target particular categories regardless of media and geography. This is the case because geotargeting technologies allow to serve advertising segmented on where the audiences are based, regardless whether they are in the country the website is based in or not.

This is also explains why Online Advertising Networks are becoming so important in the Hispanic and Latin American advertising markets. These online ad networks include Punto Fox, EZTargetMedia (see below) and Batanga’s HispanoClick.

“The market wants to extend the reach of brands and is moving away from particular portals in order to embrace categories”, Alvaro Palacios, Regional Director of Business Development at EZTarget Media, an online ad network owned by Terra, tells Portada.

“A particular’s site’s reach is limited to the amount of visitors the  site has. The market is increasing a lot in each of the markets. It makes sense to leverage Terra’s sales force capabilities to sell not only Terra ‘s sites but the partner websites in those countries,” Palacios adds.

Palacios says that in the online world, advertisers go after audience categories (e.g. sport followers or women etc….) rather than after a particular media property. Ad networks can cater to these needs representing a whole range of websites rather than a particular media property.

Ez Target is heaquartered in Brazil and has advertising sales offices, shared with Terra, in Miami, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles , Mexico and other Latin American countries. It also has an exclusive sales network in Brazil and the U.S.


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