Company Taps Al Punto Advertising for Spanish-language campaign

A 30-second spot currently running on Spanish-language television invites viewers to buy “Mirapink,” a set of pink sunglasses that will help them see life as a much more pleasant experience… through rose-colored glasses. The spot features a Hispanic man who has to deal with a nosy mother in law; a neighbor that courts his wife and a wife who doesn’t know how to cook. “With Mirapink, everything will look wonderful! Even your Mother in law!,” says the narrator.

Mirapink is, of course, a mythical product, which is quickly dismissed in the ad as a silly idea (“Do you think Mirapink is a silly idea? We want to know your opinion!”) What the spot is actually pitching is, a Spanish-language Web-based panel recruitment and survey sample service operated by marketing research company Offerwise.

Founded in 2001, Offerwise in January announced the creation of a Hispanic division, and in April launched, the first Hispanic-focused panel that uses television for recruitment. The TV spots currently on the air were crafted by Al Punto Advertising, of California, which earlier this year was tapped by Offerwise to produce Spanish-language commercials similar to the ones the company runs in English.

“The idea behind the commercials is to show a mythical product that seems silly, and then tell consumers that their opinion is critical before a product or service launch,” Rob Dolafi, COO of Offerwise, tells Portada. “We offer users who qualify a cash incentive for them to go online and take our surveys.”

Offerwise’s surveys cover topics that range from immigration reform and the economy to new products and health issues. And though the company does not disclose names of clients, it says it is currently working with a “large chain of drugstores” to determine where Hispanics stand on the issue of flu shots. Another client is an insurance company that wants to better understand the factors Hispanics look at when shopping for an insurance provider.

According to Dolafi, attracts more than 1,500 Hispanic panelists per day, collecting traditionally hard-to-capture profiling data such as acculturation level, education level, media habits, regular grocery purchases, automobile type, household demographics, other buying habits and more.

Also unlike other panels, has crafted a formula that helps attract Hispanics from three acculturation levels – Spanish dominant, bi-cultural and acculturated – in a nationally representative distribution.

“Spanish dominant Hispanics, also described as unacculturated, are very hard to reach,” says Dolafi. “As a result, very little is known about their lifestyle and purchase habits,” he says. ads are currently running nationally on some of the main Hispanic networks, including Univision’s TeleFutura, Telemundo, ESPN Deportes, CNN en Español and Galavision.


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