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The New York Times will launch a Portuguese-language edition of its website in 2013. Based in São Paulo, it will feature 30-35 stories a day, about two-thirds of which will be translated from, with the rest focused on regional news, written and edited by local staff.

Denise Warren, general manager of and the group’s chief advertising officer, said the site would launch in the second half of 2013 without the digital subscription model the Times introduced for its main site in March 2011.

Michael Greenspon, general manager of the company’s news services division, told the Financial Times, that NYT had chosen a Portuguese site over a Spanish-language equivalent, because “the question with Spanish is, which Spanish? Mexico Spanish is different from Spain Spanish,” Mr. Greenspon said. “There’s no great evidence that people in Mexico are desperately looking to know what’s going on in Argentina or vice versa,” he added, but he said it was likely that in 5 to 10 years the Times would also have a Spanish digital edition. The New York Times has also a syndicated Portuguese landing page on MSN in Brazil, but Mr Greenspon said it did not expect the new site to cannibalize its existing revenues from Brazil.

Global Media Brands’ interest in Brazil

Major media brands that have originated in the print world have recently announced new ventures for the Brazilian market. Two weeks ago the Financial Times announced that it will launch a Brazilian edition in print as well as web and mobile app. The Wall Street Journal recently strengthened its Brazilian coverage.

Long History

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have had properties targeting Latin America, Spain and even the U.S. Hispanic market for a long time. Much before the advent of the digital age, Latin American editions of the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have been published in many Latin American countries (e.g. Mexico’s Reforma publishes a The Wall Street Journal Special edition in Spanish, so does Chile’s El Mercurio) and in Spain The New York Times publishes a weekly insert in Madrid headquartered newspaper El Pais.


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