NEWS ABOUT US: Portada’s New Audit and Readership Survey

In only a few years Portada has substantially risen the standards in the Latin B2B Media and Advertising sector. It's not us who say it. That would be too easy. These are some statements from the just released CVC Portada Audit and Readership Survey:.

– Portada reaches more than 100,000 Decision Makers in the Latin Market

Descripción: Portada's Audience is…
-55.1% are C-level Executives

…composed of Marketers and Media Buyers
-71.7% are employed in Advertising Agency/Media Buying Agency
-12% are Marketing Directors

…highly respectful of Portada's content
-97.1% of our audience agrees with the statement that "Portada gives essential, high quality, relevant information about the Hispanic market".

…taking action as a result of reading Portada
-39.5% contacted an advertiser
-48.2% changed business practices
-31.9% purchased a product or service
-80.1% introduced new ideas

We want to invite you to be a part of our story and join a myriad of blue chip sponsors. To see how you can benefit from special offers to Portada's 360 programs including digital, print, social media, conferences and awards exposure, please contact us at 212-685-4441 or write to