New Revenue Stream for Newspapers, Sell Content to Search Engines`

Yahoo! News and The McClatchy Company announced that they will team up to offer international news coverage from a range of international geographic regions on Yahoo! News. The project, to be called "Trusted Voices” is to be launched early in the second quarter it  will offer in-depth perspectives and coverage from McClatchy foreign correspondents based in select regions, including Latin America, Iraq, the Middle East, China. The coverage will include traditional news stories from McClatchy newspapers and will further tap the regional expertise of the correspondents through exclusive blog reports designed to guide readers in understanding the news from these regions.

"The daily blog contributions from the international correspondents, combined with their traditional news reports, will offer our readers an on-the-ground perspective unavailable from traditional news outlets," said Scott Moore, head of news and information, Yahoo! "World News is among the most popular categories on Yahoo! News, and partnering with The McClatchy Company will significantly expand Yahoo!'s coverage of the world's most important regions."

Two weeks ago The Wall Street Journal inked a deal with Yahoo! Telemundo to have its Spanish-language edition included as a branded channel under its “Tu Dinero” channel.

While Dow Jones does not disclose the terms of its agreements, Jennifer Ametrano, managing director of sales for The WSJ US Hispanic and Latin American markets, did say that ad-sales will be handled by Yahoo! Telemundo.

Yahoo regularly displays foreign news from a number of outlets including Reuters Group PLC, The Associated Press and Agence-France Presse, as well as National Public Radio and the Christian Science Monitor newspaper. Yahoo! also has links to stories in other outlets and lets readers pull in news from outside sites that use an online syndication tool called RSS feeds.