New Ebuzzing Self Serve platform brightens interactions between brands and audiences

What: Global expert in video advertising Ebuzzing recently launched a new online-video broadcasting platform called Self Serve.
Why is it important: Video advertising is no longer a privilege of big-budget brands, SMBs can now more actively interact with their audiences and create more relevant conversations in blogs, media or social networking sites.

According to sources such as M&M Global and BusinessWire, video ad network Ebuzzing has launched a new platform called Self Serve, which it describes as the first global platform for media agencies and small and medium businesses to broadcast brand online videos, targeting audiences via a wide range of metrics, including location based on country, city or zipcode, with over eighteen different profiles to choose from, such as “fashion & lifestyle”, “high income”, “influencers”, “marketers”, etc.

Ebuzzing Self Serve, BusinessWire reports, is the only video ad network to offer advanced transparency and security measures for agencies and advertisers, creating a safe environment for brands. It is an intuitive, efficient tool that provides state-of-the-art analytics, and Ebuzzing’s advanced technology and unique expertise in information retrieval, data mining, analytics, video distribution and social media gives greater flexibility for video ad management.

Ebuzzing Self Serve will give customers access to Ebuzzing’s innovative video ad player, which generates significantly higher engagement compared to standard pre-roll ads. The click to play, user-initiated model means that Ebuzzing guarantees advertisers engaged users who intentionally click to watch advertising video. Plus, the platform is compatible with YouTube videos, MP4 files and digital video ad serving template (VAST) IAB standards.

Advertisers worldwide have acknowledged the growing popularity of viral and video advertising. Through Ebuzzing Self Serve, they can target bloggers, media sites and Facebook users, locally and globally, on the web and mobile.

“Online video gives you a way to create a more personal conversation with consumers,” says Paul Coggins, Ebuzzing’s VP mobile. “Video content is easy to share and lets viewers interact with your brand.” This summer, the company also announced the development of proprietary technology that allows brands to share their video content from Vine and Instagram on other platforms.