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New E-mail Database for the Hispanic Market

Latin-Pak launches electronic complement to its direct mail programs.


Latin-Pak is entering the realm of electronic relationship marketing with Latin-Pak Electrónica . Latin-Pak Electrónica offers advertisers the ability to append databases to e-mail lists and vice versa, produce on-line consumer surveys and produce e-mail video commercial advertising. "There is a continual increase of the Hispanic market share spending time on-line and making on-line purchases," Vince Andaloro, President and CEO of Latin-Pak tells Portada® .

Latin-Pak Electrónica will allow advertisers a variety of avenues to market to consumers via email and online services. Latin-Pak Electrónica will allow access to merge/purge opt-in consumers. It includes demographic, age, marital status, gender, occupation, household income and lifestyle selects leading to highly targeted, permission-based marketing for advertisers. “The emails we offer compliment Latin-Pak's databases that we have been building and growing over the past several years. Approximately 30% of the general market is on email opt-in databases; that number is slightly lower for the Hispanic market. Thus, a true targeted Hispanic direct marketing program can include email, however it will never replace print direct marketing, at least in our lifetime.

Clients can choose from many selects, or filters, to apply the email database Latin-Pak presently offers to its clients. The choices and targeting capabilities is a bit larger than mail databases since the opt-in scenario allows recipients top explain more about themselves and their desires, etc.,” says Andaloro.

Ad Categories

Latin-Pak has had the opportunity to develop and execute email campaigns for car companies, entertainments companies, banks, and telecom companies. “As emails grow additional types of companies will be utilizing this medium and, as in any advertising medium, the advertisers need to know it works and move the needle to expectations.”

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