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Mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer Expands in LatAm with New Office in Buenos Aires

Mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer is expanding in LatAm with the opening of a new office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Latin America is one of the growing sectors of the gaming industry, and it will hit US$4.1 billion this year.


What: Mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer is expanding in LatAm with the opening of a new office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Why it matters: Latin America is one of the growing regions for the gaming industry, and it will hit US$4.1 billion annual revenues this year.

la (2)Mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer, whose platform measures over 200 billion mobile interactions, is settling into Buenos Aires in Argentina, giving it a foothold into this growing region with its 11th global outpost, according to Venture Beats.


The company’s South American expansion comes on the heels of opening offices in London and Berlin in February.According to a company spokesperson, AppsFlyer’s media spend measured reached US$4 billion annually and mobile events measured reached Over 200 billion per month.
AppsFlyer’s has 11 global offices and 1,900 integrated partners. It is odd the company has decided to open an office in Buenos Aires instead of opening one in San Pablo as Brazil is the largest gaming market in Latin America.
However, AppsFlyer founder and CEO Oren Kaniel goes over the decision.
“We already have amazing team on the ground in Buenos Aires, which has a rapidly thriving mobile ecosystem and is becoming a major hub of innovation and tech investment. And with Brazil’s booming mobile market nearby, we’re strategically located to serve all of Latin America — with plans to open additional offices in Brazil in the near future,” he said.
“We’ve seen tremendous growth throughout Latin America for some time, and we’re committed to serving the region, Kaniel said. “Our main goal in establishing our first LATAM office is to more closely serve our growing client base in the region, and to connect with the increasing number of brands, agencies, marketers and developers in the region who are tapping into mobile to grow their businesses. As a company, we’ve always believed that you have to have feet on the ground in the markets you are serving, because each region is unique not only in the way they do business but in the subtleties and nuances of the mobile market.”
AppsFlyer is a mobile advertising attribution and marketing analytics platform, enabling app marketers, brands and ad agencies to measure their marketing campaigns across more than 1,900 integrated media partners. As a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, Google Official Partner, and Twitter Official Partner, AppsFlyer provides mobile advertisers with unbiased attribution, mobile campaign analytics, in-app user engagement tracking, lifetime value analysis, ROI and retargeting attribution.AppsFlyer currently serves more than 10,000 advertisers, measures more than US$4 billion in annual mobile ad spend and tracks more than 1 billion installs and 200 billion mobile actions every month. Noteworthy clients include Playtika,IHG, Alibaba, Baidu, Trivago, Macy’s, Samsung, DeNA, and HBO.

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