Mike Cano appointed President of AP&P Solutions

AP&P Solutions, a provider of  integrated Digital and Traditional Media Solutions, announced the appointment of Mike Cano as President. In his new role, Cano will lead the company including its Out-of-Home/In-Store Digital TV Network, Print, Online, Mobile and Events.

Mike CanoAP&P Solutions was founded in 1985 and  Cano tells Portada that the company provides integrated Digital and Traditional Media Solutions. “We own and operate one of the nation’s largest Hispanic DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) digital screen networks. Our DOOH network broadcast content that is custom tailored to touch and enrich our Hispanic and multicultural communities. More specifically, we deliver great targeting capabilities for advertisers on Digital OOH, Online, Mobile Print and experiential event marketing.”

“We work with agencies and clients in all categories. However, we are very strong in the consumer packaged goods (CPG’s), telecommunications, health and financial categories. We work with many national brands including categories in the consumer package goods (CPG’s), telecommunications, health and financial categories.”

One of  the largest Hispanic Digital Out of Home Companies

AP&P Solutions operates a significant Digital Out of Home Business.  “”We are one of the largest Hispanic DOOH companies in America. Our digital screens are located inside of the top Hispanic grocery stores and deliver 20+ million impressions per month. In Los Angeles, the #1 Hispanic market, our DOOH screens are BIG multivision 120” screens with sound. We strategically have screens located throughout the stores to deliver attention-grabbing content and advertising.”

Digital screens are located inside of the top Hispanic grocery stores and deliver 20+ million impressions per month.

Cano is regarded a leading figure in Hispanic sales and marketing throughout the nation, Cano has a 25 year history in the Hispanic marketplace having held senior executive and sales leadership roles including Vice President of Sales La Opinion, Publisher of La Raza in Chicago and President/CEO of Impacto USA, the largest ABC audited Spanish-language weekly newspaper in the nation. He also served as General Manager of Al Dia, the leading Spanish-language newspaper in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

In making the announcement, June Lee, CEO of AP&P Solutions said,” We are extremely fortunate to have Mike join our team. Our focus on serving agencies, advertisers and the Hispanic community is extremely vital to our company and Mike’s in-depth knowledge of Hispanic Digital, Mobile and Publishing, coupled with his vast knowledge of the U.S. Hispanic community will be paramount to our growth and success.”