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Hispanic Shopper Marketing is on the rise. More and more agencies are adding shopper marketing capabilities.  Last week it was Chicago’s Ryan Partnership.   Today we publish a story about the launch of Shopper Marketing Agency SMG. SMG’s clients include Diageo, E&J Gallo, Shasta,Tupperware, Mariachi USA. Portada held a conversation with Mario Echevarria, CEO and Managing Partner of SMG about the Hispanic Shopper Marketing discipline.

Echevarria tells Portada that “even before the shopper marketing term and discipline came about, we were working ‘below-the-line’ in supporting our clients’ retailers, distributors and the communities they serve,” said Mario Echevarria, CEO, managing partner of SMG. “We’ve always supported media buys with tactical grass roots efforts to drive traffic or phone and web leads.”

Shift from Mass Media Investment to targeted (Digital) Grass Roots efforts …
According to Echevarria “Much investment is going from mass media to more targeted, grass roots, especially retail-focused efforts to include digital media.” He adds that SMG will cater to the multicultural shopper marketing needs.

… as brands and retailers are increasingly working together…
The rise of shopper marketing is also the result brands (CPG and other categories) working closer with big box retailers:  Says Echevarria: “In the last five years or so, we’ve seen brands and retailers actually working together, planning together aligning their “shopper marketing” insights and programs. Mass merchandisers likeTarget, and grocer chains like Safeway and SuperValu have their own shopper insights, analytics and ongoing research, while CPG and food companies apply thier own shopper intelligence. So when they work together they get the best results short term and long term.”

…Hispanic efforts tend to be less researched
In Echevarria’s view, “In the Hispanic market, shopper profiles are not as micro-defined and researched, and retailers of choice may not be as sophisticated in their metrics (or willing to share data) such as with Hispanic independent grocers and bodegas.  Although, the opportunities to reach the target shopper segment and affect their purchase decisions are many and often prove fruitful.”


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