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Maker Studios buys video platform Blip, finds a home outside of YouTube


Maker Studios, one of the biggest YouTube networks, is buying Blip, a video maker and distributor. Maker Studios will pay for Blip with stock and cash. This agreement gives  Maker a home outside of YouTube for its content. Maker commands billions of views a month, and represents YouTube stars like Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg.

Online Video usage is skyrocketing, also in the Hispanic market and  Latin America. Most of the videos are viewed on Google’s YouTube. In fact, Maker Studios was the third most viewed YouTube partner channel after VEVO and Fullscreen, according to ComScore Video Metrix June 2013 data.  By acquiring Blip Maker Studio will now be able to have a video viewing platform outside of Youtube.

In addition to a destination outside of YouTube, the acquisition will give Maker a proprietary video player it can put to use. Just as important, it will help the company bolster its sales efforts, as long as Blip’s sales team stays on board.

Maker has raised $44 million to date, including a $36 million round led by Time Warner last year. Blip had raised a reported $24 million since 2006.


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