Latin Interactive World: Outbrain Interview with Erik Cima

In today’s Latin Interactive World column, Portada interviews Erik Cima (photo), VP for Latin American and U.S. Hispanic Markets at Outbrain.

Outbrain offers a content discovery engine for publishers and blogs to have their content discovered, providing personalized links for each reader.

The company was founded in 2006 and has now launched operations in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets.  Outbrain has plans to expand in the region and Erik Cima gives us details about these plans below.

Portada: How does Outbrain work?

Erik Cima:  Outbrain is a platform for discover content.  Outbrain works by using algorithms to customize recommendations for each user.

Portada: How many offices does the company have and where?  How many employees?

Erik Cima:  Outbrain has offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., London, Paris, Hamburg, and Israel.  We have 128 employees.

Portada:  How is the company funded?

Erik Cima: Outbrain has had four rounds of financing and raised $65 million.  The investment groups are Carmel Ventures, Index Ventures, Gemini Israel Funds, Glenrock, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Rhodium.

Portada:  Tell us about Outbrain’s expansion plans in Latin America.

Erik Cima: We have plans to grow across the region, including Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America—specifically in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

Portada:  How would you define your expansion strategy in the region?  What are the important points to consider?

Erik Cima:  The idea is to create regional centers, so that we can focus on each region in order to create a rapidly expanding business.  The most important point is to know the region and the dynamics of each market well before initiating expansion.  That is the way is to efficiently open the market.

Portada:  Why bet on Latin America?

Erik Cima:   We should bet on Latin America because it represents an important market that is already connected to the Internet.  Moreover, this market shows steady growth in all digital platforms (mobile, tablets, PCs, etc.).  That is why we believe our technology will be successful in Latin America.

Erik Cima is the VP of Hispanic markets for Outbrain. With more than seven years of experience in Hispanic digital sales, Erik is primarily responsible for creating new relationships with publishers and brands across U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets for Outbrain. Prior to joining Outbrain, Erik directed and managed sales operations for Univision Interactive Media and Televisa Digital. Erik earned his Masters in International Management from University of California, San Diego and his Bachelors from Brown University. Erik lives in New York.