Impremedia Constructing Online Network

Impremedia is currently in the process of taking their national newspaper footprint and extending it online. The company is developing a new portal named that will pool all of its resources in one online destination.
As part of the effort, each of Impremedia’s newspaper websites will get new websites. Each new website will be outfitted with a network navigation bar that will display the various channels available on the network, such as Travel, Sports, Entertainment and others.
One important development will be the development of the classifieds section on With the launch, visitors will be able to access classifieds from all of Impremedia’s properties in one location.
While the newspaper websites will continue to focus on breaking news and time-sensitive information, the portal site will include “Evergreen Information” with greater longevity such as Travel information and personal finance resources, such as home-buying tips. Another initiative will be to make Impremedia’s weekly entertainment magazine La Vibra and its monthly bilingual insert Vista available online.
At the center of this effort are the goals of extending the print experience online, and creating a new national property that will not only serve the current audience, but further expand it. According to Impremedia Digital’s website, their current family of newspaper websites attracts 2.2 million unique visitors per month.
To accommodate the new undertaking of integrating the company’s various websites into, Impremedia has also invested in new infrastructure, such as new servers. Additionally, it has enlisted the services of the Montreal-based Nstein Company to handle content management.