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Guilherme Toussaint, Adobe Systems: “Our Digital Marketing Revenues are increasing at a rapid pace”


Guilherme ToussaintGuilherme Toussaint, Senior Account Executive at Adobe Omniture Business Systems for Latin America and the Caribbean, says that “digital marketing is a priority division for Adobe” and has been since 2009, when the company acquired digital marketing company Omniture for $1.8 billion.

Adobe began betting on digital marketing in Latin America in 2011, after creating a dedicated unit for it headed by Toussaint. Among the agencies Adobe works with in the region are WPP, Omnicom, Publicis and Interpublic. In Latin America, the company works with clients such as GM, Ford, Sony, and Lenovo.

In Brazil in particular, the company has content portal clients such as Globo and Terra Networks, and some major players in the technology and tourism markets, but is not allowed to divulge names.


Adobe’s strategy in Latin America

Adobe’s digital marketing strategy in Latin America consists of two main points, according to Toussaint:

  • Market education
  • Local partners

For Toussaint, these two points are critical. Market education involves incorporating the dynamic timing of digital marketing and the need for constant change.

“We work with a network of local partners to jointly offer specific solutions” says Toussaint. “We believe that working with agencies is best for using our products, because they understand the need for change and the activity involved in digital marketing,” he adds.

– Portada: What advice do you have for planning a digital marketing strategy in the region?

– Guillerme Toussaint: Where should I start? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get from Adobe customers. At Adobe, we start by looking at a long-term investment strategy in digital media. We analyze the specific strategy for each client, taking into account not only the technology part but also the client’s position within its specific market.
By focusing only on a short-term strategy, you risk betting on a technology that in the near future will most likely need to be integrated, or even replaced, with others.

– P: What tools does Adobe offer in this area??

– GT: Adobe offers five solutions in what we call the Marketing Cloud:

Adobe Analytics: Analytical solutions/audience segmentation

Adobe Social: Social channel metrics and management
Adobe Media: Advertising management

Adobe Target: Indexes for content delivery

Adobe Experience Manager: Content management and publication in mobile, web and social media

– P: How do you develop advertising for Adobe products in the region?

– GT: We execute individual actions with our customers. We’ll also be doing advertising campaigns in the region, but for the moment we are focusing on carrying out these actions. We will also be doing PR-related marketing events.

Predictive Marketing: In search of new metrics tools

Clients state that it is very difficult to invest in digital marketing because of the variety of channels available (media search, mobile, display, etc.), says Toussaint. “That is why we need to know how much is gained and how much is lost when moving budgets from one channel to another,” he notes.

Adobe is currently developing tools for what is called “predictive marketing,” a new idea that allows the prediction of investment flows by using financial market-based algorithms. “The possibility of having conversion metrics is an opportunity for this market,” says Toussaint. “We need to know exactly what the client is investing in when it comes to digital campaigns.” This is why I believe that the CMO is the new CFO.

Guilherme Toussaint works at Adobe’s offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he oversees the Digital Marketing unit and its business throughout Latin America. Adobe has had a market presence for 30 years, with offices in Brazil and Chile for its Southern Cone operations, as well as in Colombia, which handles the company’s business in the North Cone and Mexico.

Translation: Candice Carmel

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