First Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference: [4-A]

Best Buy’s Senior Manager of Strategy and analytics Marsha Lawrence pointed out in her keynote address, that her company is taking a number of steps to engage Hispanic consumers, including:

  • Hiring Spanish-speaking staff
  • Implementing in-store Spanish-language signage.
  • Launchingñol in late September, 2007.
  • Working with Avenue A/Razorfish to create custom messaging for their Hispanic campaigns: “We’re interested in taking it to a deeper level than just banner advertising. We are more interested in developing media partnerships and exploring content creation,” says Lawrence

The following are components of Best Buy’s Hispanic Print Evaluation Process that helps them determine where to place their ads: 

  • Proximity (and size) of Hispanic readership to Best Buy location
  • Household Penetration
  • Language spoken at home.  

Best Buy has a number of preferences when it comes to selecting a Hispanic publication in which to place: 

  • Paid Circulation (although this is not mandatory for consideration).
  • Home Delivery (although this, too, is not mandatory for consideration).
  • Presence of other prominent advertisers to “be in the right advertising company.”
  • Sunday distribution.
  • Clearly demonstrated ROI.