Experts Talk About Hispanic Insert Media

A Q&A with Shayne Walters, president of Carmen's Cupones and Consejos, and Therese Mulvey, VP of Marketing and Research at ADVO.

Q: What type of insert media (e.g. co-op, ride-alongs, insert into utility billings etc…) has the most growth potential in the Hispanic insert media market?

A: Therese Mulvey: It is a matter of which ones are targeted appropriately with the right creative and the right offers.Insert media in general continue to grow as consumers look for more and more avenues of information to support their buying decisions.

A: Shayne Walters: In my opinion, I believe that co-op insert media, delivered in envelopes to name specific Hispanic individuals, provides the most growth potential for the Hispanic insert media market.

Q: What do you think of newspaper FSI's when targeting Hispanics….what are its advantages/disadvantages compared to other insert media types?

A: Therese Mulvey: In my opinion, FSI's are great vehicles for the Hispanic marketplace in that they give a lot of information on products and price and particularly for those looking for value they provide that information. The problem is that newspapers are not well read by the Hispanic community so the print advertising would do better in a targeted mail program or at the store level.

A: Shayne Walters: Newspaper FSI's, for the mos part, are controlled by two large media giants, Valassis and New America Corporation. They both have general market FSI programs in English delivered in Sunday newspapers across the country and, Hispanic FSI programs in Spanish delivered in Hispanic newspapers. The main advantage is cost to participate. It is very inexpensive for a CPM standpoint which includes printing. The main disadvantage is the readership of Hispanic newspapers and, in order to receive the FSI's you have to subscribe to or buy the newspaper at a newsstand or news rack.

Q: Can you disclose any participants, particularly new participants, you have lined up for your next direct mail programs?

A: Therese Mulvey: We cannot disclose specific client names. Generally we have about 17,000 clients who mail with us.

A: Shayne Walters: Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, NEXXO Financial Services, National Library of Medicine – Dept. of Health & Human Services, American Cancer Society, S.C. Johnson, MEXICAN CHEESE Board. Bell South, Friendship Dairy, Gavina Coffee Co.