EC Hispanic Media., and J.D. Power and Associates,  a global marketing information services company, are partnering to produce unique voice-of-the customer content for the U.S. Hispanic market. EC Hispanic Media is granted unique print and online rights to J.D. Power & Associates content throughout the United States.  The content consumer centric information which will be carried in EC Hispanic Media's publications.

Both companies are set to launch a major joint sales and marketing push to present these data-rich programs to national and regional clients in the automotive, insurance and banking industries. “The effort is oriented to clients in three industries automotive, insurance and banking,” Hugo Hernandez, Director of Marketing for EC Hispanic Media tells Portada. . He adds that ‘Solutions are sponsorship of key content solutions that are of very high value for consumers. The content is sorely needed as a tool in the Hispanic Market. This is content sanctioned by J D Powers's strict guidelines and benefits from their superb research and data capabilities.”

National Partnerships

The EC Hispanic Media & El Clasificado  partnership is a creative new development in  the Hispanic print media sector as it not only tries to increase distribution through EC Hispanic Media’s publications but the content will also be carried through select partner publications of EC Hispanic Media throughout the US. “Our partner publications will be the ones with the highest or second highest circulation in their market,” Hernandez notes.

Peter Marlow, VP and General Manager  Corporate Communications and Marketing at  J.D. Power and Associates tells Portada that JD Power had a similar agreement with Hearst:  “We were aligned with Hearst several years ago and we produced a series of J.D. Power Car Guides for two years based on our voice-of-the-customer research.  It was on newsstands across the country. This initiative with EC Hispanic Media is a first for J.D. Power targeting the Hispanic market.”    

Research based Information
The agreement seeks to fulfill a unique need for relevant research-based information in the Hispanic market to help Hispanic consumers make better informed purchase decisions using the voice of the customer. Examples of topics will be: car safety, buying vs. leasing, fuel economy, child safety, understanding the customer service index, initial quality studies, insurance tips, bank rankings and more

EC Hispanic Media is a company recently created by El Clasificado, to expand
the company’s mostly California centered properties to the rest of the U.S.


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