Digital Bites: Netflix, Mobile World Congress, IMS, Globant, Headway, SMW

Just a heads up to let you know I’m back, in case you missed me (?). The early part of the year saw me occupied with personal and business trips, and I’m now catching up on everything. A lot has happened in the LatAm media world in these past three months, some of which I share below.

By Lorena Hure, Digital Media Correspondent

MWCMobile World Congress – Next time, let me know

At the end of February I traveled to Madrid, which coincided with the trip to Barcelona by many of my fellow colleagues and friends from the region (including the MMA bunch, which is always present). It seems that while I was on vacation, the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, and everyone was there. There were so many photos and comments posted by contacts in my social media newsfeeds, that I was about to jump on the AVE (the fast train that takes you from Madrid to Barcelona in less than three hours), but then I reminded myself that I was on vacation, so I will have to wait until the next one.


At the end of March, IMS’s business teams met in Montevideo, Uruguay. At least, that’s what I saw posted on the Facebook newsfeeds of dear industry friends who are currently working at IMS. It seems that they did not deprive themselves of anything: beach, soccer, drinks, and (probably) a lot of work—even if a husband or wife here or there claims otherwise. Believe me; we work on those trips (although that’s not what we usually publish). No one can take that away from us.

sdrNetflix releases #Ingobernable

Dale Piceno (founder of Spotlight Media) told me that the release party for Netflix’s Mexican series #Ingobernable was held on March 22, in Mexico City. The series covers the life of the First Lady of Mexico and her relationship with the President. The event was apparently attended by actors and actresses, talents, influencers, and the production and corporate teams that traveled from Los Angeles, including José Calderoni, VP of LatAm Marketing, Netflix.

Globant – Think Big Sessions

Globant’s Think Big Sessions are talks about innovation, technology, and design—a kind of “TED“-style talk with the “Globant” touch. Their last event was held on March 28, and the theme was The Use of Digital Platforms for a Consumer-Centric Approach. I missed it this time, but I will sign up for the next one.

SMW PAUSocial Media Week

Pau Cutuli is busy putting the final touches on the annual Social Media Week Mexico event, which will take place simultaneously in Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Milan. I won’t be able to grace (?) the event with my presence this year, although I will surely ask Pau for a copy of the presentations because I love the topic.

Headway was sold

Or at least that’s what I seemed to gather from a comment on social media made by Martín Kogan, one of the company’s founders. (Note from Portada: Of course! Entravision bought Headway and we thoroughly reported about it!)

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