Irvine, CA, -based has launched a Spanish language version of its CarMD Vehicle Health System for Hispanic customers in North America. CarMD, which provides vehicle health and maintenance information to car owners, has also set up a new website and customer support in Spanish.

Native Spanish speakers have fully translated the Vehicle Health System from English, ensuring that the repair information provided is accurate. The product is available in the U.S. and Canada, but is not yet sold in Mexico or Latin America.

“After substantial demand from the U.S. Hispanic market, we are pleased to finally make the CarMD product and information available with full support for our Spanish speaking customers,” said Richard Amador, director of marketing for CarMD.

The easy-to-use system requires no automotive experience to install — users are instructed on how and where to install a handheld device that diagnoses vehicle issues. Using the handheld device, the system detects car problems that need repair or negatively affect fuel economy, such as issues indicated by the “check engine” light. Drivers can diagnose these issues without having to look under the hood, and can look up how to fix the issue and how much repairs will cost in CarMD’s database.

The system, which can be used on all vehicles made in and after 1996, includes Mac and PC software and lifetime firmware and software upgrades.


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