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The new selection of “breaking ads” tracked through MexicoWebMonitor™ by Media Economics Group was active between June 4 and 10, 2012.

This week in  Breaking Ads Mexico we present the digital campaigns from Dallas, Nutricion, Cablevision and Liverpool.

Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport Board U.S.A. (The)

Advertiser (Parent Company):  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board U.S.A. (The)

Campaign:   “Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport”

First date captured: 05/06/2012

Language: Spanish

Description:   Promotional campaign targeting business travelers in Mexico for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  Ads tout DFW as the main entry point in the U.S. to 144 cities.  Tagline: “Aqui es donde hago conexiones verdaderas.”

Site (s):

Advertiser (Parent Company):  Grupo Bimbo, S.A.

Campaign:   “”

First date captured: 07/06/2012

Language: Spanish

Description: is a health and nutrition site developed by Grupo Bimbo.  The site has articles on health and nutrition, ideal weight calculators, recipes, personalized diet plans, and information on Bimbo food products.

Site (s): (Mexico)


Advertiser (Parent Company):  Compras Cablevision S.A. de C.V.

Campaign:  “Cablevision Mexico Paquetes para Negocios/PYMES”

First date captured: 09/06/2012

Language: Spanish

Description:   Cablevision Mexico internet, cable, phone package for small businesses (PyMEs).

Site (s): (Mexico),


Advertiser (Parent Company):  Tiendas Liverpool

Campaign:  “Dia del Padre 2012″/”

First date captured: 07/06/2012

Language: Spanish

Description:   Tiendas Liverpool sponsored section for Father’s Day on Terra Mexico.  Trivia contest – win electronic wallet valued at $10,000MX.  Answers to the trivia questions can be found in the special sponsored section.

Site (s):,

Source: Media Economics Group, MexicoWebMonitor™. For more information call 1 (704) 841-2030.

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