Fresh from the Award Ceremony during last week’s Portada Fifth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference we have the L’Oreal USA & Club de Noveleras Campaign, the winner of the 2011 Award for Top Hispanic Digital Advertising Campaign Plan and Execution.

Below is the breakdown of the campaign as well as its rationale.

L’Oréal USA & Club De Noveleras

Challenge /Opportunities:

Telenovelas (Spanish-language soap operas that tell a full story in 120 one-hour episodes) are a long-standing passion point for U.S. Hispanics. They outrank key English broadcast and cable genres like Sitcoms, Made for TV movies and Game Shows and Telemundo is one of the main producers of original Spanish language primetime content.

For example, 85% of the 1,300 hours of telenovelas that Telemundo plans to produce in 2011 will be made in Miami-Dade – the home for producing rich original content for a Hispanic market that over-indexes the General Market in soap opera viewing:

More time spent watching the stories (684 minutes vs. 130 minutes F18-49)

More time being engaged with the stories (58% engagement F18-49)

More time spent watching the primetime stories as a family unit (48% vs. 38% P18-49) 

One recent hit; La Reina del Sur, was the highest rated broadcast novela in Telemundo history and consistently beat all networks on many nights; regardless of language, at its 10pm timeslot. The novela also marked significant multi-platform viewing milestones for Telemundo’s  U.S. Hispanic audience:

• On Television

 By DVR playback

 On Demand

 On the Web

With the Census reporting that Hispanic growth alone accounted for more than half the growth of the entire nation this past decade, Telemundo continues to innovate by creating experiences, distribution models and partnership opportunities that speak to ways for advertisers to deeply connect with the entire US Hispanic landscape.

Telemundo’s goal was to create a community of the most passionate and loyal novela fans and partner with a marketer that wanted to develop a stronger relationship with this growing US Hispanic market.

Such a partner was found in L’Oréal USA as the title sponsor for 2011. In partnership with Telemundo, they are activating Hispanic marketing for many of their mass and prestige brands.  

Strategy / Solution

In March of 2011, Telemundo Communications Group launched Club De Noveleras (CDN) (The Soap Opera Club) – – a groundbreaking 360° multi-platform communication experience designed to meaningfully connect and engage with the Hispanic consumer around their love of Telenovelas. 

The CDN custom-designed online destination for novela enthusiasts provides a unique experience where fantasy & reality meet… where consumers get access, spotlight and privilege and ultimately become a part of the magic that is Novelas. It is also a free membership-based online community where devoted fans gather to share their passion and engage in discussions around their favorite celebrities and storylines.

With L’Oréal USA as the key launch partner, the CDN program is the first-ever initiative for both companies of this scope and scale – transforming viewership into relationship while connecting L’Oréal USA’s brands to their target consumers in an experiential and unique way. Media agencies Universal McCann and Moxie were also included to help create this innovative multi-platform consumer experience. The goal is planned 360 marketing support for the full roster of L’Oréal USA brands:

          Maybelline New York


          L’Oréal Paris

          Yves St. Laurent




Watch a video about the multiplatform program

Execution & Use Of Media

Rooted in a rich Digital experience, CDN’s interconnected platform offerings include:

  • Online – Featuring originally-produced novela content, behind-the-scenes exclusive footage, “get the look” video tutorials, product “Spotlight” pages, photo galleries, a beauty blogger – Johanna Torres, former Editor-in-Chief of Siempre Mujer, engaging the community, providing beauty tips and hosting polls about a range of beauty topics. The site also includes social media modules, interactive polls, sponsored sms messages and most importantly, a user participation-based rewards program.
  • Club Membership – The free rewards program offers members the opportunity to earn both virtual and physical rewards based on their loyalty, engagement and participation in the CDN community. Featuring a CDN membership sign-up module, a featured members module that showcases the most popular, active, and influential CDN community members and insider linked access to beauty blogger tips.
  • Mobile – For on the go connectivity and to address the growing opportunity of over-indexing Hispanics that use smartphones and their applications, another first for our industry was developed – a Novelas iPhone App was developed providing easy access to our novela’s latest episodes, photos and news and provides L’Oréal USA the opportunity to reach Hispanics on the go, anywhere, anytime, with the right content. Featuring a mobile module to receive sponsored SMS alerts, unlimited free access to all mobile content and exposure to L’Oréal’s branded experiences.
  • Onsite Events – To bring the fantasy to reality, 17 total events are scheduled for the program.

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