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“Authenticity is paramount,” Wired’s Scott Dadich answers questions from Portada’s Audience

Wired's Scott Dadich's answers are in! His answers to questions from Mariza Bafile, Guido Conterno, Gustavo E. Garcia, Jeffrey Duque, Yousef Kattan and Pamela Centeno.


scott.dadichWired’s Scott Dadich’s answers are in! His answers to questions asked by Mariza Bafile, Editor, Nuestra America Magazine, Guido Conterno, Executive Director, Grupo Diarios America, Gustavo E. Garcia, Executive Creative Director, Media 8, Jeffrey Duque, Group Publisher, Magazine Division at ImpreMedia (ESPN Deportes La Revista & VISTA), Yousef Kattan,‎Founder/President/CEO TruMedia Multicultural and Pamela Centeno, Client Relations, Hispanic Researcher, Quester.

Scott Dadich, the keynote Speaker at #PortadaLat (the Latin Online Video Forum and Latam Advertising and Media Summit) taking place on June 3 -4 in Miami responded to questions from our audience. See what he has to say.

Mariza Bafile, Editor, Nuestra America Magazine:

QUESTION: From a design and editorial perspective, what is the secret to be succesful on the web?
Scott Dadich, Editor-in-Chief-Wired: “Authenticity is paramount. At Wired, we employ a team of journalists–writers, editors, designers–who report and write and create stories about how tomorrow is being realized. On, these stories typically fall into one of two buckets, brand new information or thoughtful analysis about existing information. New information has a lot of value, so in some cases it is most important to be first in breaking a story. But there is a lot of value to adding context to existing information, and those kinds of stories form the bulk of our publishing stream. We spend a lot of time getting those stories right, from hiring crazy talented writers and best-in-class editors to building technology systems that serve our readers and producers. There is no easy answer, I’m afraid.”

Guido Conterno, Executive Director, Grupo Diarios America:

QUESTION:How do you see Millenial’s content consumption (themes, time spent, sources) impacting media?”
“Folks of this age group expect content to be instantly available, in all places, embedded socially, all of the time–largely for free. Those kind of consumption behaviors mean we have to be much more nimble, and we have to think of ourselves much more like a network. For consumers, that means they can have a Wired experience inside of a Facebook post, or on a Pinterest Pin, or in a Kindle single. It means we can’t take anything we make for granted. That’s a lot more work, but it also expands our reach and impact measurably.”

Gustavo E. Garcia, Executive Creative Director, Media 8

QUESTION: Brands as publishers? Do you think this makes any sense, or isn’t it the role of an editorial product publisher based on his/her independence and credibility?
“I believe the majority of readers know the difference between quality journalism produced by credible, trustworthy professionals and content produced with marketing as the goal. They are different products with different goals.”

Jeffrey Duque, Group Publisher, Magazine Division at ImpreMedia (ESPN Deportes La Revista & VISTA)

QUESTION: As an Editor, how do you deal with “Content Marketing”, e.g. working with advertising and
editorial to produce editorial products?

“I don’t. Editorial and advertising are church and state. My publisher is my business partner, and together we are tasked with making Wired a successful business, but my job falls strictly within the bounds of Wired editorial. Any content created for a brand partner or advertiser ofWired falls within the bounds of the company’s marketing arm, and my editors and I are not involved with that work–at all.”

Yousef Kattan,‎Founder/President/CEO TruMedia Multicultural

QUESTION: What is your view of the future of apps? Will they, because of their high engagement  be more valuable than other media vehicles e.g. TV, Radio and Digital?
“Apps occupy a very substantial position in today’s media landscape. This shouldn’t be news to anyone–in fact, Wired wrote a cover story about this phenomenon in the summer of 2010. But there is no universal truth in this category. Sometimes a native app is the best outlet for putting content in the hands of an audience. Sometimes, the web does a better job. The difference comes in the quality of the product itself–how delightful and essential is the experience? How easy is it for a consumer to become an integrated member of a community?”

Pamela Centeno, Client Relations, Hispanic Researcher, Quester

QUESTION: Explain some things you have done to integrate your print and digital products, and what has worked the best and why? “
“This integration is an ongoing process. It happens all day, every day. But I’ll tell you the best thing we did at Wired. We moved everyone into one space. Science editors sit next to science editors, no matter the platform. Digital producers sit next to print designers. Budget analysts sit next to fact checkers. It’s all one space and everyone gets to see the work that their counterparts do, regardless of how directly they collaboration. That was a big move for us, but hugely important because it places equal value on all of the efforts of our team. It’s not always the most convenient solution, but the transparency this arrangement affords has been a big part of our growth over the past two years.”

QUESTION (Anonymous): Is there a future for print magazines?
“Unequivocally yes. But not for all brands. And likely not in form factors we appreciate today.”

Wired’s Scott Dadich’s keynote at the upcoming Portada Latam Summit on June 3- 4 will be on “The Future of Technology by Design“. Hear first-hand insights from the Editor-in-Chief of the iconic magazine about the interaction of design and technology and its impact on media and marketing. What does design mean to technology? What’s next for Technology? Register here to attend!


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