Animate! Cilantro Animation Studios

“The Hispanic market has been lumped into a big bucket, and that doesn’t serve the market properly.  We’re in an age where we have to listen more carefully to what the audience says. Before they give you their money, they want to know you went the extra step.  Who’s your audience, what is their age, what are they consuming, where do they come from historically?   If you don’t know that you won’t be successful,” said Salvatore Cavalieri, president and CEO of Cilantro Animation Studios.

Cilantro is a studio that seeks to market to Hispanics with more creative, relevant, and non-traditional messaging. “Oftentimes, when advertisers try to target Hispanic audiences, they fall into the trap of perpetuating stereotypes instead of connecting with their target,” says Mercedes Seraphim, a spokesperson for Cilantro.

The animation studio seeks to break out of this mold by creating custom campaigns that reflect their clients’ true mission, while resonating with their Latino target in a genuine and organic way.