In a move that could signal a new trend in internet-driven Hispanic political engagement, a Burbank California man named Miguel Orozco has launched a site devoted to Democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama called

“It’s really a grass-roots effort inspired by Barrack to get the word out,” Orozco told Portada in an interview. “So far, the response has been unbelievable. It’s hit the blogosphere in a big way. Last week, the site got over 13,000 hits in one day.”

The site is meant to empower eligible Hispanic voters to take part in the political process and to support Obama’s candidacy. Under the banner declaring “Tu Voto Tiene Swing (Your vote matters),” the website points out that over 13 million eligible Latino voters reside in states with primaries before February 5th, meaning that a mobilized Latino force could have a real impact on the election (See Graphic Below).



Visitors to the site are immediately greeted by an Obama-themed Reggaeton anthem lauding the candidate’s fittingness for the presidency. The song is also available as a ringtone.

“So far, I haven’t considered selling any advertising on the site,” says Orozco. “It’s something I may look into down the line, but for right now my main concern is raising awareness in Hispanic communities about this candidate who I really admire,” Orozco told Portada.