Inside Kellogg’s Hispanic Content Marketing Program

CPG Companies are the main players in content marketing in the Hispanic market. A major CPG company, Kellogg’s, recently launched a new Spanish language content marketing program anchored in the DiasGrandiosos website as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. The target is the Latina woman and her family. What are the content challenges for a Hispanic content marketing program? What are the main objectives and the resources that have to be put behind it? We talked to Christopher Rivera, associate director of Multicultural Brand Marketing at  Kellogg’s to find out.

Associate Director, Brand Marketing - Multicultural at Kellogg Company
Christopher Rivera, Associate Director, Brand Marketing – Multicultural at Kellogg Company

Días Grandiosos is a new digital platform featuring recipes, tips, articles and original content designed for Latinas and their families. The editorial concept evolves around “Ama” (Family), “Vive ” (Health, Wellness), “Goza” (Fun & Entertainment).  Participating Kellogg’s brands include Cheez-It, Corn-Flex, Eggo, Frosted Flakes, MiniWheats and Apple Jacks. For now Kellogg’s has chosen the Spanish-language for the content marketing outreach.  “Currently, Dias Grandiosos is in Spanish-only. However, we have considered offering certain content pieces, key features, and other website elements in English to satisfy the specific needs of bilingual Hispanic consumers,” Rivera notes.  San Diego based Captura Group concepted and created the “Días Grandiosos con Kellogg’s brand”, including its digital extensions.

Content Production and Amplification

According to Rivera, the Dias Grandiosos website is updated several  times per month with new content that is timely and relevant. “At Kellogg , we have a Multicultural Program Brand Manager setting the overall content strategy with the Dias Grandiosos editorial team and shepherding it through the brand marketing organization. The DiasGrandiosos editorial team consists of Content Strategists, Editors, Writers, and Community Managers as well as Art Directors, Visual Web Designers and Producers bringing the content to life on the web and across social and other digital channels. In addition to the core editorial team, Dias Grandiosos leverages Captura Group’s network of bloggers and social influencers to amplify our content offering.”

Get them to buy

Ultimately content marketing efforts have the final goal of having consumers buying the product. That is where
Kellogg’s Family Rewards program comes in . Kellogg’s Family Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards people for buying Kellogg products and offers valuable coupons and promotions from the brands they know and trust. Dias Grandiosos supports and amplifies Kellogg Family Rewards through culturally relevant content and integrated digital touch-points including the website, social, and email.

Paid Media to support the program

The Dias Grandiosos platform is supported through an integrated digital media program to build awareness of the brand and its associated offerings by reaching Hispanic women in environments where they are; as well as Facebook media to engage with them around content offerings that are dear to their hearts. Currently we are using online video content as part of our media buy to drive awareness for participating brands.

The results so far

Dias Grandiosos just launched so it is still early to talk about the results:”Given the recent website launch, web audience numbers are not currently available,” says Rivera.” “We are proud to share that the Dias Grandiosos community on Facebook totals over 96,000 fans (as of April 28, 2014).”