Apartamentos.com’s Patrick Dodson on Building a Site that Renters Love

CoStar Group, Inc. recently launched a national exclusively Spanish apartment-listing site, Apartamentos.com. CoStar Group, uses technology to connect  real estate professionals with the people and information they need to succeed. Portada talked to Patrick Dodson, Vice President Marketing at CoStar Group, about the new Spanish-language site and how the new offering integrates into Costar’s overall marketing strategy.

k7j7c2c8_400x400CoStar Group, Inc. recently launched an exclusively Spanish apartment-listing site, Apartamentos.com. Patrick Dodson, Vice President Marketing at CoStar Group (photo below),  tells Portada that the new site primarily targets 18-49 year old renters who represent 20% of the  US renter population. Apartamentos.com top target markets are New York, L.A., Miami, Wahsington DC, Houston Dallas and Chicago. According to Dodson, Apartments.com has the highest awareness of any apartment site among Hispanics, and ranks in the top for usage as well. “This sets us up for great success on the new Apartamentos.com. Property Managers can now receive leads in either English or Spanish, with on-line translation available .”

Patrick Dodson

2 Steps to Build a Site that Renters Love

According to Dodson, “the first step is to build a site that renters love and engage with to deliver the best online consumer experience.  This means having comprehensive content, rich media, custom search tools, and a comprehensive inventory.”
Second, Dodson adds that  paramount to “reach the largest audience via multi-channel marketing tactics, with a strong focus on digital and mobile, supported with traditional formats to create the highest traffic and engagement possible in order to deliver the most leads to our property owners.”

The role of SEO

According to Dodson, “SEO plays a key role in our marketing strategy, as many prospective renters start their apartment search process with research on search engines like Google. We continually optimize our website, both desktop and mobile, to deliver an optimal consumer experience, and we earn a large portion of our site traffic from organic search. Apartments.com consistently performs ahead of competitors on organic search rankings.”