Where Dunkin’ Donuts, Moet Hennessy, Zenith Media, MBMG and D’Exposito will be Investing in 2017

It's time to evaluate this year and set up plans for 2017.  We asked major brand marketers and agency executives what they asking their partners to do more of next year and what they plan to invest in. Video/Social, Data-analytics, Owned Events and Talent are the main areas of investment.

The 3 questions  we asked:
1. For 2017 what are you asking your media partners to do more of, or what would you like to see more from them?
2. What are you asking your agency partners to do more of  in 2017 (If the interviewed is an agency executive then the question refers to their brand partners).
3.  What are the main areas of investment for your company on the marketing side  in 2017?

Xavier Turpin, Director - Multicultural and DD SW/West Field Marketing at Dunkin' Brands Inc.

1. "We are asking our key media partners to understand our strategic direction and challenge back how they can build customized programs to help achieve them."
2. "For agencies, it's all about making sure they are focusing the right intellectual horse power in the right areas to help us best drive the business."

3. In video (both Linear and Digital) and Social Media.

Gloria Constanza, Partner, Chief Contact Strategist,  d exposito & Partners, New York

1. "Ideas that truly support our clients’ objectives, that are designed based on data and facts, but still take into account the cultural art of our audience.  Ideas that can easily be tested and that can deliver results."
2. "We need those advertisers that had shifted the pendulum to “a one size fits all approach” to rethink their strategies and focus on being relevant to the different audiences/segments of their business."
3. "Continue to build our data/analytics offering in order to effectively address the ongoing transformation the industry is facing.  While advertising has always been grounded in data, in today’s age, the ease of gathering consumers learning by the minute, requires a more robust application to the available data."


Zach Rosenberg, President at MBMG, Los Angeles

1."Invention and first to market ideas to help our clients break through the clutter. Accountability in the form of helping to drive ROI such as better measurement."

2. "Access to more first party data to allow for better optimization and to acquire deeper, more actionable insights.Willingness to take risks and to test and learn."

3. "Talent and tools."




Manny Gonzalez, Senior Director, Multicultural Marketing Moet Hennessy, New York

1. "Identify more media partners, especially in the digital space, that have stronger original content creative capabilities."

2. Same as question 1.

3. On one hand digital. On the other hand,   wholly-owned influencer events (original, not sponsored or third-party).



Sonia Rocha - Villalba, VP Account Director-Media, Zenith Media,Los Angeles

1.  Holistic campaigns that fluidly leverage all their assets (TV, digtal, radio and especially social).  Capitalizing on the social success of our media partners to collectively deliver on campaigns is a big goal for next year.

2. We recommend brands assign more resources to create content and messaging that resonates with consumers and their interests. Ideally, it would be great to make all this content shareable to follow on consumption trends we are seeing today.

 3. N.A.

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