Portada Interactive Database of Marketers, GET your FREE TRIAL Now!

As you may know, we recently incorporated new features to our  interactive database of corporate marketers and agency executives targeting U.S. consumers. GET YOUR FREE TRIAL to PORTADA's Interactive Database!

The new features include (per the image of the database interface above).

    • New Sales/Marketing Leads: Weekly more than 20 new leads uploaded to the Database by the Portada team as well as the contacts related to the weekly Sales/Marketing Leads column written by our editorial team.
    • Download the Database: Download the full Database in Excel Format.
    • Search Database: You can search through a user-friendly interactive Interface: Search Fields include: Name, Company/Agency, Job - Title, Address, Zip, E-mail, Accounts (Agency), Phone, Related News.
    • Link to Info/Editorial Content published about each brand, company/agency. campaign (can be seen over search interface).
Portada Interactive Database

Portada Interactive Database of Marketers Targeting U.S. Consumers

As you prospect and sell into 2017 and beyond, get the above plus detailed contact information on more than 2,500 Corporate Marketers and Agency Executives targeting U.S. consumers.  GET YOUR FREE TRIAL to PORTADA's Interactive Database! Check it out for free during 1 week!

Do you have more questions about the Interactive Database?
Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Still questions?
Please contact Research/Databases Sales Manager Silvina Poirier at silvina@portada-online.com.

Editorial Staff (@portada_online)

Portada is the leading source of news and analysis on the Latin Marketing and Media space. Credibility is our biggest asset: The Portada team is very passionate about producing high-quality independent content that helps drive forward the Latin Marketing and Media space.
El equipo editorial de Portada se apasiona por elaborar contenidos de alta calidad. La credibilidad es nuestro mayor activo. La misión de Portada es ayudar a profesionales de negocios y medios a comprender y alcanzar a consumidores latinoamericanos, del mercado hispano de EE UU y España.


Tinder Explores Video, Acquires Video Startup Wheel

Tinder Explores Video, Acquires Video Startup Wheel

Tinder announced an agreement to acquire Snapchat-style video startup Wheel.

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NewsWhip Raise $6.4 million from Tribal Ventures, AP and Cantor Fitzgerald

NewsWhip Raise $6.4 million from Tribal Ventures, AP and Cantor Fitzgerald

Content analytics firm NewsWhip has raised a US$6.4 million Series A funding round led by Tribal Ventures, with participation by The Associated Press, clients of Cantor Fitzgerald, The Asahi Shimbun and existing investors.Series A Funding Round Will Be Used to Develop the Company’s Data-Driven Storytelling Technology for Leading Newsrooms and Agencies.