Online Video Forum: All You Need to Know about Video Marketing next Wednesday in Miami!

Looking forward to see you at the Latin Online Video Forum which kickstarts #Portadalat next Wednesday June 3 in Miami's Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Tickets to the Online Video Forum are only US$ 199! (US$ 699 for the Combo ticket together with the LatAm Summit).

The  agenda is designed to address and resolve key questions on Hispanic and Latin American Online Video Marketing, including:

  • What works when: Pre-roll, Rich Media, Product Placement
  • Programmatic Video Buying
  • Inventory: Local vs. Regional
  • The Latin MCNs: Putting together creators, content and advertisers all across the Latin world
  • Viewability: How Advertisers can get more out of their Online Video Budgets
  • TV Everywhere: Beyond Monetization through Advertising: Transactional and Subscription Models
  • The crucial role of Online video story-telling
  • Fraud and what to do to bring it down

Some of the key players who will explore the above questions:

    • Pablo Silva, Director, Product Innovation at Viacom
    • Andrea Santiago, Director Client Services, Nielsen
    • Joann Chea, Head of Socialyze, Havas Social Media Division
    • Carlos Espíndola, Gerente eHub Latinoamérica, 3M
    • Adriana Grineberg, Head of Operations Miami, Facebook
    • Verónica Chanrai, VP Regional Digital Director, Latin America, Starcom MediaVest
    • Maya Kosovalic, Digital and Media Communications Manager, L’Oreal
    • Eric Tourtel, Senior Vice President Latin America,
    • Jan Riemens, CEO, Zoomin.TV
    • Fabienne Fourquet,CEO and co-founder, 2Btube
    • Ulysses Alvarado, Founder & CEO, Tu Vision Canal
    • Lynn Ponder, Founder, WebcityGirls
    • Jeannette Kaplun, Founder and Chief Content Officer, Hispana Global
    • Luiza Ricupero Negret, VP, StyleHaul Mundo
    • Jayson Dubin, CEO & President, Playwire Media

Editorial Staff @portada_online

Portada Staff


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Curacao’s CMO Ariela Nerubay: Automated Behavioral Emails More Than Double Open and Click-Through Rates

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