Videology-Nielsen partnership bets on convergence of Video and TV buying (UPDATED)

What: Videology will integrate Nielsen TV data into its platform for cross-screen planning and buying (UPDATED with comments on multicultural capabilities.)
Why it matters: Videology will use data from the Nielsen Cross-Platform homes panel and Nielsen TV/Online fusion to its platform.

videologynielsenVideo advertising platform Videology has signed a deal with Nielsen to use data to help TV advertisers target young audiences that are watching more digital channels. Videology expects a future in which advertising will not distinguish between traditional television and online video. One in which media planners can launch campaigns and reach targeted demographics across channels. Nielsen has the tools to do that,  as it can provide TV audience data and integrate it into Videology's database of online audiences. UPDATE: "The Nielsen dataset does allow us to segment Hispanic vs non-Hispanic consumers,"  says Michelle Skettino, Director of Communications at Videology.

According to Videology, the youth demographic between 18-34 year olds, are difficult to reach through traditional TV alone. But now the company has a better understanding of viewers that haven’t been exposed to certain marketing on TV and how to find them online.  UPDATE: Videology's Skettino adds that "what the Nielsen integration allows us to do is access a common currency between linear television buying and digital video via a single platform so that we can determine the optimal allocation between both to achieve an advertiser’s bottom line objectives.   For instance, this cross-screen planning can be used to increase incremental reach against a given target demo, drive frequency against that demo, reach those underexposed or unexposed to the campaign on television with online video, and even ultimately to measure and drive offline sales." Through the partnership  brands will be able to  better retarget marketing to online users after they were already exposed to marketing on TV. However, one drawback for Videology is that advertisers can use the data on digital viewing habits to inform their TV ad buys as well.

Marketers can increase their reach to young people by almost 15% when including digital in their media plans.

“Advertisers need the tools to execute seamless, scalable campaigns across television and online video that can be optimized for bottom line results,” said Videology CEO Scott Ferber in a statement announcing the new deal.

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