Custom Publishing: Visa USA Launches Spanish-language Magazine Vías in Five U.S. Cities

The complimentary 16-page publication is a component of the Visa Hispanic Financial Education Campaign, a national effort to provide newly-arrived Hispanics basic financial education. With a national circulation of 100,000, Vías will be distributed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Washington, D.C. Latino grocers Vallarta Supermarkets Inc. and Fiesta Mart Inc. will distribute the magazine in Los Angeles and Houston, respectively. Hoy newspaper in New York will carry Vias in their October 22 issue; La Raza newspaper in Chicago on October 21; and Washington Hispanic newspaper in Washington, D.C. on October 23."

Houston-based Lopez Negrete Communications created a free 16-page Spanish-language magazine as part of the agency's Hispanic financial education campaign for Visa USA.Rolando Rodriguez, Jr., Public Relations Senior Account Executive at Lopez Negrete Communications, notes that “the value of the magazine is that it provides as much financial education as possible with the space available, maximizing the amount of financial wellness content.

He adds that “there is a great expectation and hope of future issues. Vias has a long shelf life and can be passed on to family members and friends. Its content does not expire.” Vías features inspirational stories of Hispanics who have demonstrated how access to financial services helped them rise above difficult circumstances and achieve financial success. Additionally, Vías presents easy-to-understand tips on how to educate children of all ages on the importance of money management, creating a budget, opening a checking account, starting a small business and planning for retirement.

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