1. Gonzalo says:

    Sounds like a toothless entity to me: a sheltered shop with no need to fight for new business, catering to a roster of clients that cannot fire it. A recipe for monotony. Which might be the goal after all: to build consistent branding across the board for the multiple properties in the ever-growing Univisión ecosystem. Sorry for using a horrible cliché like ecosystem.
    Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe the security of having captive clients that simply cannot walk away is liberating. Maybe it fosters a daring, vibrant creative culture with a long term strategic view for its amalgam of clients.The antidote to fear and/or complacency.
    As I said, I could be wrong. I doubt it though. I’m never wrong.
    I am from Argentina.

  2. Longtime veteran says:

    Anybody who’s ever been in more than four meetings with Univision knows it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to be a creative threat. Seriously. Sábado Gigante has been their big reveal for 50 YEARS at their upfronts, followed by insert Televisa programming [here.] Puh-lease people!

  3. Cara M says:

    You reap what you sow. Hispanic Ad Agencies have been obsessed with only buying Hispanic tv and only making TV commercials for too long. Maybe the Hispanic Ad agency world will now wake up from their borderline neurosis and obsession with the idea that Hispanic Media and marketing = Univision. “Latinos don’t read” has been the mantra of many a Hispanic ad shop and it is time that Hispanic newspapers, their Web sites and the idea that Hispanics only watch TV and only watch Univision be killed. Hispainc read. Their local newspapers, which are alive and well and open to working with ad agencies and media buyers. Reach versus frequency, folks. Hispanic America is sick of Corporate America only speaking to them on TV. On Bad programming with limited info. Hispanic newspapers are ready!

  4. Another industry veteran says:

    Univision has one way of doing business, to serve themselves and gather the biggest $ regardless of the reality for the client, consumer and/or Hispanic Agencies.
    This is the way it has always been and the way it will always be, especially as they prepare to go public again.
    Yes, the Hispanic agencies need to step it up, but working as a team with the media is essential. The Hispanic agencies already have a hard enough time already without the media side-swiping them every chance they get.
    Great write-up, Laura.

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